Benefits of Joining a Startup Weekend


Weekends are normally spent for relaxing with friends and family. Many go on out-of-town trips, while others prefer to spend time at the mall. Weekends are like rewards for five days of hard work. So, why would anyone want to spend 54 hours of his weekend brainstorming, developing, and building business ideas? There are several answers to this question.

Reasons for Joining Startup Weekend

A Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event that gathers entrepreneurs, leaders, developers, programmers, and students in one venue. The aim is to use the weekend to come up with ideas for a startup business. Participants pitch their ideas, build a team, work on this idea, and then demonstrate their startup. It is an event that involves more action and lesser talk.

Joining a Startup Weekend presents a variety of benefits, especially for someone who wants to make a difference. The biggest benefit, of course, is being able to come up with an idea and then turn this into reality. A lot of people who join Startup Weekends actually build their own businesses and/or products. Apart from this, though, there are many more benefits to joining a Startup Weekend.

  • A Startup Weekend is the best way to meet people who share your goals, your passion, and ideals. It is the best venue to connect with like-minded people. You’ll get to meet business people, designers, developers, marketers, and success-oriented students.
  • The first time you hear about it, you may think that a Startup Weekend is gruelling and stressful, but it’s actually fun. If you’re doing something you like; something you are passionate about, everything becomes easy and fun. Meeting and working with people who move in the same world you move in will be one cool experience!
  • Startup Weekends create a lot of online buzz. Don’t you want to be part of something that’s trending on Twitter? The best thing about it is you’re not just sharing and reposting on Facebook and Instagram; you’re actually experiencing it!
  • One of the best benefits you’ll get from a Startup Weekend is the opportunity to learn. And you will learn from some of the best! You’ll meet and interact with mentors who are pillars of their own businesses and industries. You’ll learn a lot from fellow participants and team members. You’ll learn from your own experiences. One weekend can change you and turn you into a better person!
  • Joining a Startup Weekend is one way of opening doors of opportunity. You can be noticed by company leaders or investors. It’s your chance to showcase your creativity, your entrepreneurial skills, and your passion for success.
  • Being a Startup Weekend participant is the best way to belong and become a part of the growing startup community in Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao.
  • It’s an all-in-one package. For a minimal amount, you’ll get 54 hours or one weekend of hands-on learning, business & product development, establishing connections, and interacting with some of the best business leaders.

The Startup Weekend was established in 2007 in Boulder, Colorado. Over the years, it has become a venue for discovering and developing ideas. Although not all startup businesses are continued after the 54-hour initial development, many others have been slowly realized. One example is the iCPooch, which was pitched and developed by Brooke Martin, who was only 12 years old when she joined the Spokane, Washington Startup Weekend. Today, the young entrepreneur’s startup business has received funding from a Kickstarter campaign. It has also been featured in several publications, including the prestigious New York Times. Martin’s iCPooch is a video chatting device for dogs that also offers treats while the pooch’s owner is away. It may have taken some time, but the iCPooch will finally be introduced to the public.

If you think you have what it takes to become Cagayan de Oro’s Brooke Martin, join the first Startup Weekend CDO on July 11, 12, and 13, 2014 at Capitol University. Co-presented by The Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council, Ideaspace, Developers Connect or DevCon, DOST-ICTO, and Microsoft, the Startup Weekend aims to gather CDO and Northern Mindanao’s best marketers, entrepreneurs, managers, PR practitioners, designers, developers, and students. Registration begins on May 5, 2014. Fee rate for professionals is Php1,500, while students are to pay only Php1,000. If you register early, from May 5 to May 26, you’ll get a 30% discount.

For more information, check out, or visit the Startup Weekend CdeO Facebook page: