Why You Need the Startup Weekend Experience


This July, Cagayan de Oro will witness its first Startup Weekend. This is one event that anyone who wants to make a difference should join.

The Startup Weekend is 54 hours of fun, intense, mind-testing, and electrifying brainstorming. It is a get-together of prime movers, leaders, visionaries, and success-driven individuals. People who want to turn their plans into reality converge and share ideas in a Startup Weekend. If you see yourself creating and managing your own business someday, you belong to this group. And you should join the first CDO Startup Weekend.

There are three major reasons why you need to participate in the July SW.

1. To learn.

Learning is a continuous process. You don’t stop learning even if you’ve graduated. You learn new things everyday – at work, through the people you interact with, and even at home. If you’re a programmer, for example, you won’t want to be surprised one day because you just discovered how to use a new tool that others have been using for years. If you’re a big boss, you won’t want to get stuck working with outdated leadership and management techniques. It will be interesting and challenging to find out what you can learn and what you can create in one weekend.

2. To share.

Each Startup Weekend is designed to bring in people from all walks of life and with different backgrounds and interests. Despite this, however, you’ll find that you’ll be surrounded by people who share your visions and your passion. You’ll meet people you can freely talk to about your ideas and business goals.

3. To network.

Because you’ll be with a variety of like-minded people, networking will come easily to you. You’ll meet individuals who can offer you something you like or need, and vice versa. Building connections is one way of moving closer to your goals. A significant number of Startup Weekend participants continue to communicate and keep in touch with each other long after the event has wrapped up. Some have even created their own startups and partnerships. You’ll never know what exciting and interesting things you can get and achieve if you don’t join a Startup Weekend!

The most important thing to remember, however, is yourself. You are doing this for your own good. If you want to do something you can be proud of; if you want to create something beneficial, something that people will remember for years, then you should start by participating in the Startup Weekend. It is the perfect opportunity to start working on your plans and your goals.

It is important to remember that the Startup Weekend is just a stepping stone. It is not the only thing you need to successfully create an enterprise, or even a small company. Think of the SW as the slight push that you need to come out of your shell and to move away from your comfort zone. How you can come up with a success is entirely up to you (and your SW team).

The Startup Weekend has opened doors for a lot of people, young or old. At the recently concluded University of Washington Startup Weekend, for instance, two sixth graders stole the limelight when they got the top honors. Fiona Brennan and Semira Lacet-Brown conceptualized and developed Generation Code along with their team of nine professionals. The girls decided to come up with a computer game that can help teach middle schoolers how to code. They’ve already partnered with a non-profit organization so Generation Code can be brought into the schools.

Brennan and Lacet-Brown’s win at the University of Washington Startup Weekend is proof that the SW is for everyone. It doesn’t choose gender, age, or social status. It is for anybody who has ideas for businesses; for anybody who wants to work around these ideas and develop them into something more concrete.

If, as a child, you loved playing “tinda-tinda” with your siblings, cousins, or friends, the Startup Weekend is for you. If you used to spend your summer vacations earning extra money from anything you can get your hands on, the SW is the perfect venue for you. If you love creating, developing, programming, or managing, you were made for the Startup Weekend. You should seriously think about grabbing the best opportunity to ever come your way by registering for the first CDO Startup Weekend at the soonest possible time!

The first CDO Startup Weekend will be held at Capitol University on July 11, 12, and 13, 2014. Co-presented by The Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council, DevCon/Developers Connect, Ideaspace, DOST-ICTO, and Microsoft, the CDO SW is now accepting early registrants. For information on the early bird discount, check out http://cdo.startupweekend.org/ or find updates on their Facebook page.