Startup Weekend Tips & Reminders


The first Cagayan de Oro Startup Weekend is less than a month away. At this point in time, participants should already be preparing themselves for what’s to come. Although no one really knows what will actually happen during the 54-hour weekend, it still helps to be prepared.

Since most of the participants of the CDO-SW are first timers, we’ve come up with some tips and reminders that can help make the Startup Weekend experience a memorable one for every participant.

What to Do After Registration

Once you’ve registered and confirmed that you are joining the SW, these are the things that you should start doing.

1. Check the event timetable/schedule. You should be aware of what’s going to happen during the 54-hour weekend. Basically, the first night is reserved for networking and pitches. But if you have an idea of the actual timetable for the event, you’ll be able to prepare yourself better.

For the CDO Startup Weekend, the schedule of activities can be found here.

2. Do a little self-examination. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my reason for joining Startup Weekend? What do I want to discover or learn from the experience?
  • What are my strengths and how can others/other teams benefit from them? Even if you’re not a developer or designer, you can still contribute significantly to whichever team you will belong to. You may not be technologically adept, but you may be an expert in marketing projects and products. Highlight your strengths more than your weaknesses. Try to think about what you have that others may not possess.

3. Get ready to build a network. On your first night, you will have the chance to meet fellow participants, coaches and/or mentors. Be prepared to establish connections. Prepare your business cards, your contact information, and other pertinent details. This is a major opportunity to make a lasting impression on like-minded people.

4. If you have an idea, prepare to pitch! Don’t waste your idea by being just a part of the audience. Step up and let your voice be heard. The best and most popular pitches are the ones that are interesting, unique, creative, and technology-related. Remember that your main reason for pitching an idea is to find a team, not to invite funding.

The usual rule is for participants to pitch for a duration of only one minute. So, focus your pitch on the most important details: Who are you and what is your problem? What solution do you have in mind? How do you intend to realize this solution? What kind of team are you looking for?

5. Finally, prepare your things and materials. Before heading off to the event venue, be sure that you’ve packed everything you need. Don’t forget the essentials like your laptop, tablet/iPad, paper or notecards, pens, and business cards.
The first Cagayan de Oro Startup Weekend will happen on July 11, 12, and 13, 2014 at Capitol University. Presented by the Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council, CDO SW is supported by Ideaspace, Capitol University, Microsoft, Arriba Telecontact, Bohemian Express Travel and Tours, InDinero, Firefox, Syntactics, RedLemon Digital Media, Airbnb, All I Want App, Barato, Interpace Computer Systems, and FBC Business Solutions. Media partners are The Cagayan de Oro Times, Clix: Cagayan de Oro’s Premier Go-To Site, CDO Bloggers, Magic 89.3, Oro Chamber, and iNewMedia.

If you haven’t registered yet, online registration is available here. If you want to a 30% on your registration fee, enter the code CDOICTCOUNCIL before clicking the Register button.